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What we provide and our Terms and Conditions

  • We are Fully Licensed with DAERA under the Animal Boarding Establishment Regulations & Welfare of Animals Act.

  • Regular pictures or videos of your pet will be posted on our Facebook page. (We will only post on Facebook).

  • Our premises have been specially designed to provide your pets with a spacious, naturally lighted and comfortable environment.

  • Pets are provided with Air conditioning and heating in accordance with seasonal temperatures.

  • Classical Music is played to provide relaxing chill out time and sleep time.

  • 100 x 100-foot Grass Arena for off lead play.

  • Social walks on extendable leads.

  • Lots of fun play, Stimulation and socialisation in a safe and supervised environment by experienced staff.

  • Whilst under our care, every assurance will be made to keep your dog/s safe, secure, content and healthy.

  • We are fully insured by PetPlan as a boarding facility, (this does not cover pets for pre existing conditions)


  • Opening Times:          Mon – Sat 10 – 12.00 & 5.00 – 6.00           Sun 11.00 – 12.00 

  • Pets can only be accepted/released during business hours.

  • All dogs must be lead walked into and out of our reception by the owner and must be controlled at all times. Cats must be in a secure basket/carrier.  We accept no responsibility for loss or injury in the car park.


  • Certificate of inoculation must be shown upon arrival.  (Health passport) 

  • Owners should supply their own pet food.  This is to ensure that your pets dietary requirements are maintained. 

  • All new customers will be required to complete New Pet Registration form which includes general details about you and your pet/s.  This also includes the full list of our terms & conditions and consents to which you must agree to and sign. 

  • Honesty about your pets personality and training levels, (house trained, chewing, aggression etc) is important.

  • No pet can be accepted without an emergency contact name and number.  This is required in case your pet does not settle and needs alternative boarding arrangements.  This may entail the owners veterinary practice providing alternative arrangements.( Any charges incurred will be passed onto the owners on their return.) 

  • After checking in and paying the boarding fees, all animals will be taken by our kennels/cattery staff.  No owners will then be allowed to put their dog/cat into their kennel/cattery, as this can cause unnecessary stress to your pet. 

  • Consent must be given for your dog to socialise.


  • All animals must be fully inoculated. 

  • Vaccinations refer to annual booster shots and Kennel Cough Vaccination. 

  • Kennel Cough Vaccination must BE GIVEN NO LESS THAN 21 DAYS prior to arrival if vaccination has lapsed or is being given for the first time. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to any animal on arrival if proof of vaccination cannot be obtained at check-in. 


  • All pets’ previous and present medical conditions must be disclosed on arrival and any dog with a pre-existing medical condition, including anything musculoskeletal related, will need written veterinary guidance of fitness to board and medication directions were required.  Any medication will be given as per instruction.  It must be understood we are NOT a Veterinary Kennel. 

  • Ensure your dog/s have been treated recently with Flea and Worm treatments as recommended by your Veterinary Practice. This does not include the over the counter preparations. 

  • Awareness of when your bitch is due in season.  If a bitch is thought to be due to commence a season, we MUST be made aware of this. 

  • If your pet requires veterinary attention for any reason, we will endeavour to use the owners preferred vet. however if this is not possible we reserve the right to use our own local practice.

  • Any veterinary and transport charges will be passed on to the owner on their return.

  • Please note, dogs/cats showing signs of a contagious disease i.e. Ringworm, Fox Mange etc will not be accepted for boarding. 


  • Charges commence from the day of arrival (regardless of drop off time), until noon on the day of collection. 

  • When collection is in the afternoon opening period, your bill will include that days charge. 

  • Cheques must be made on the day of arrival, made payable to Armagh Country Pet Hotel. 

  • All days booked will be charged, refunds will not be given for early collection. 

  • Any unpaid bills must be cleared within 28 days of collection.   Thereafter interest of 10% will be added to the unpaid balance.  This bill must be paid in cash. 

  • A non-refundable deposit of 20% of your total bill is required to secure your booking. 

  • Food, Bathing/Grooming and Transport are not included in the Boarding Fees. 


  • Bookings and enquiries can only be made by ringing the office number

  • Pets can only share accommodation if they are from the same family and it is part of their usual  routine.  This is at owners risk and owners must sign to this effect. 

  • Animals left for fourteen days after departure date without communication will be considered abandoned. 

  • All belongings left with animals (i.e. leads, toys, rugs etc) are left at owners risk. 

  • Please note that we try to encourage all our customers to view the kennels/cattery before the date of the first boarding. However this must be done prior to busy periods. (ie May – end of September) 


  • During peak periods animals must be collected on the stated dates. 


  • As a matter of course, Armagh Country Pet Hotel does not accept any dogs for boarding displaying any of the following behavioural issues due to the increased health and safety risk to itself/other pets or staff: 

  • Any dog showing separation anxieties. 

  • Any dog showing signs of stress.

  • Any dog showing signs of destructive behaviour.

  • Any dog displaying forms of aggression or bite responses. 

  • Any dog that displays excessive barking. 

  • Any dog displaying extreme resource guarding. 

  • Any dog displaying anxieties or nervous behaviours. 

  • Any large breed dog found to be overly boisterous/bounding and overpowering staff.

  •  Owners will be advised of such behaviour on return and will be excluded from future stays. 

  • Armagh Country Pet Hotel reserves the right to refuse boarding for any pet at any time based on potential health and safety concerns for the pet itself, other pets boarding or staff. 

  • Incessant barking is not tolerated at Armagh Country Pet Hotel and will be carefully managed using simple voice commands and positive corrective instruction.  If after a period of settling in and training a dog continues to incessantly bark.  Owners will be advised of such behaviour on return and they may be excluded from future boarding. 


  • Un-neutered male dogs over 12 months will be continually assessed on each stay.  This is to ensure there are no displays of aggression/dominance to other dogs or staff.  Owners will be advised of such behaviour on return.  


  • Every effort is made to control aggression and negative interactions between dogs at Armagh Country Pet Hotel, but owners must be aware that on occasion this is unpreventable due to canine behaviour and your dog may on occasion succumb to an injury such as a scratch, bite or cuts, this can happen even during general play! 

  • A 2-strike system is in operation for dogs showing aggressive intent towards any other dog or person. If any dog has two incidents of aggression ('Gross Misconduct!'), they will be excluded from socialising and play time with other dogs.  Owners will be informed on their return and may be excluded from future stays for their own and other dogs’ safety until these behaviours have been addressed by the owner. 

  • While ever effort will be made to help your pet settle in, a boarding environment is not for every pet.  We reserve the right to refuse any pet not suitable for boarding.




By reading and signing the New Pet Registration form, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed above. 


You also give consent for all of the following:  


  • During my absence, Armagh Country Pet Hotel will be caring for my pet(s).  In the event of an emergency, I authorise you/a veterinarian to administer medical treatment.  I (Owner) will be responsible for payment to the veterinarian upon my return. 


  • For medications to be administered to my (owner) pet during its stay, this will be carried out with my (owner) explicit consent and direction only and following the guidance from the administering Veterinarian. 


  • I (owner), give Armagh Country Pet Hotel permission to transport my  (owner) pet(s) to a veterinarian and authorize treatment in the event of an emergency or sickness. 


  • If my (owner) own veterinarian is not available, I (owner) authorise Armagh Country Pet Hotel to transport my (owner) pet(s) to a veterinarian of choice and authorise treatment.  If emergency care is needed after regular office hours, my (owner) pet(s) may be taken to the nearest Veterinarian Emergency Clinic/Hospital. 


  • I (owner) give permission to approve treatment.  I (owner) agree to be responsible for all charges upon my (owner) return including, but not limited to, vet fees, extra visit fees and transportation fees. 


  • I (owner) agree to authorise a Veterinarian to euthanize my (owner) pet in extreme circumstances, based on a Veterinarians decision for the welfare of my (owner) pet, only after all reasonable attempts have been made to reach me (owner) or my (owner) emergency contact. 


  • In the unlikely event of my(owner)  pet’s death, I (owner) would like the pet cremated / kept at vet / other (please give specific instruction personally to Armagh Country Pet Hotel. 


  • I (owner) agree that Armagh Country Pet Hotel is released from all liability related to transportation to and from veterinarian and treatment for sickness or emergency. 


  • My (owner) dog to be freely socialised with other dogs whilst with Armagh Country Pet Hotel. 


  • To allow Photos to be taken of my (owner) dog whilst staying and posted on Facebook. 


  • My (owner) dog to be separated from other dogs for unwanted behaviours if the need arose. 


  • My (owner) dog to wear a muzzle in the event of any aggressive interactions. (This would be to protect your dog and others in boarding, whilst the circumstances of any aggressive incidents are investigated.) 


  • I (owner) or person nominated be able to collect my (owner) pet from boarding immediately or at a time specified by Armagh Country Pet Hotel staff whether this be due to Illness, injury, parasitic infestation,  emergency evacuation, or any other immediate closures. 


  • Inform Armagh Country Pet Hotel as soon as possible if my (owner) dog has to attend a Veterinarian for any illness, disease or investigations before your stay.  

Many Thanks for giving this your full attention, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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